Krienicke Park and Lilli Palmer Promenade, Berlin

“The objective of continuing the tradition of Lenne’s Havel parks has been fulfilled in a contemporary form. Existing conditions and visual relationships are skilfully staged with unobtrusive, seemingly natural help. This example shows that free forms do not have to go hand in hand with randomness. All in all, Krienicke Park is extremely well done.”

Almut Jirku, Thies Schröder in
Garten+Landschaft 2/2000

The park’s location between the newly developing residential quarter and the banks of the Havel makes it particularly attractive for recreational use. While the riverside promenade is still a largely urban element, the park is oriented towards the natural Havel landscape.
In order to clearly separate the promenade from the park, the transition from the promenade to the park is designed as a cut. To this end, the seating wall serves as a continuous piece of furniture that raises the promenade above the level of the park.
A focal point is the pergola on the former site of the “Pulvermühle”. On a slight elevation in an east-west direction, it provides a view of the citadel.

Location Berlin
Client Wasserstadt GmbH
Realisation 1996 – 1998
Construction costs 1.125.000 €