Water park and Grüntkebach in the science and residential park former Scharnhorst barracks, Osnabrück

A stormwater retention basin was constructed to retain stormwater from the new Scharnhorstkaserne science and residential park. The basin can retain stormwater for a period of time and slowly release it into the nearby Grüntkebach. A permanent standing body of water was created in the retention basin, which flows through during rain events. The water that has evaporated by then is replenished. Thanks to the conception of the Osnabrück service company and with the help of urban development funds, it was possible to integrate the engineering structure into a park and a green corridor.

In the north, the park was given a south-facing seating area that serves as a meeting place for local residents. From here, the view is guided over the water surface into the depths of the small park. In the southern and western areas, the slopes of the basin were made shallow and close to nature. These meadow areas of the retention area create the interlocking with the Güntkebach floodplain and the surrounding landscape. Groups of trees form a landscape frame. The circular path and the stepped area take up the form and material language of the other open spaces of the conversion area.

Location: Ursula-Flick-Strasse, 49076 Osnabrück, Germany
Completion: 2016
Client: City of Osnabrück
Size: 14,040 m2
Construction costs (gross): 1,154,820 euros
Photos: Hanns Joosten, No. 3 u. 6 hbjl