Mittweida, Rochlitzer Street, 1st prize

Rochlitzer Straße leads from Technikumplatz into the old town to Mittweida’s market square. After the northern Technikumplatz and the market square were redesigned in the past few years, Rochlitzer Straße is now also getting a new look. The street, which is dominated by motorised traffic, will become a public space with the character of a pedestrian zone. The speed limit will be reduced to 20 km/h. On the Technikumsplatz, generous paving inlays mark the recreational areas and are repeated as parklets in Rochlitzer Straße. The difference in height between the north and south sides of the street is compensated for by a seating step system that provides additional public open space. The existing paving and slabs of the pavements, typical for Mittweida, are restored according to the new height concept. Rochlitzer Straße will receive wide granite kerbs with a height of 3 cm, making it barrier-free in most areas. Landscape architecture and traffic facility planning together create new qualities here.

Location: Mittweida
Completion: 2023/24
Client: City of Mittweida
Size: 7,200 sqm